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Why Register

Making the Right Call! is a consumer referral service website which was created to help you, the consumer, in choosing the business or service provider that is right for you.

In order to maintain the integrity of the information on the site, for all its users, we require that users who make postings register with some information that we can use to verify that the posting are legitimate.

During the registration process we ask you to choose a username which is what the public will see on your postings. Please choose carefully to maintain your anonymity. We also ask for other information such as your real name, email address and phone number which will not be given to the public.

If for some reason a posting is called into question, we may contact you to verify the posting. If a posting can not be verified by our staff than we reserve the right to remove it. This process is used to alleviate fears that the business owners who support the site will be bashed by an unscrupulous competitor.

We here at hope that you value this tool that we have created for you as much as we have valued providing it.

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