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Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Started

This Page will contain answers to questions that are frequently asked by our users.

It is intended to help you find answers quickly.

Q-1 - How do I find Recommendations for a business?

A-1 - Start by selecting a category from the [ All Categories ] page (the link is on the left side menu). Then, Select one of the Businesses displayed. Finally, choose one of the recommendations available by clicking the [ View Recommendations ] link to view recommendations for that Business. You can also click on the Business Name and when the Business Profile page appears click the [ View Recommendations ] link at the bottom of that page to view all the recommendations for that business.

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Q-2 - How Do I Enter A New Recommendation?

A-2 - After you have logged in, you can enter a Recommendation for any Business when you see the [ Rate This Business ] link next to a pencil icon. Simply click on the link and fill in the form that appears.

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Q-3 - What is a Reference ?

A-3 - A person or entity which has been listed by a member (by prior arrangement) that will attest to the quality of past services performed. Customers usually ask for references when they do not know know the party with which they are thinking of doing business. Having a reference gives you the opportunity to speak to someone who has either done business with them in the past or who knows their history.

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Q-4 - What is a Recommendation ?

A-4 - In the context of this website, it is a rating by a previous customer of a business, often using several facets such as price, communications, timeliness and cleanliness, to help potential future customers determine the business's reputation in the community.

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Q-5 - What is an Endorsement ?

A-5 - Often business people know each other and work work well together, for example a (plumber and electrician) or an (accountant and lawyer). An endorsement is a listing on our website by one business indicating their opinion (most often in a positive light) of another business with which they experience. This is a business-to-business recommendation.

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