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We are looking for quality businesses (both large and small),
that are very focused on the consumer having a great experience.

Simply stated the purpose of our business / website is 2 fold:

  1. Reduce the risk that consumers face when selecting businesses in their area.
  2. *** Help quality businesses market themselves to consumers. ***
Focusing on the second goal, makes the first goal happen easily !!!

How will we do this ?
  • The Websites
  • - Supported by Business means FREE to consumers.
    - A great place for consumers to find top rated Member Businesses.
    - Your profile can give the details about how you do business.
    - Show off a job well done.
    - Supplement your online presence with the Recommends brand.
    - Be found more often in google and other searches.
    - Directly recommend other business members and have them recommend you!
    - We are ready for 50+ Websites one per state.

  • Drive More Traffic to the Website.
  • - Invite other quality businesses to belong and expand the group.
    - Earn FREE membership time by refering other quality business.
    - With many members we reach more spheres of influence.
    - With more traffic all members benefit.

  • In common, build "" as the place to go.
  • - Share with the public that you are a member.
    - Consumers will respond better when they know you are part of something larger.
    - Add to your credibility by publishing the great things you do.

  • Offer Pre-Published references.
  • - Don't wait to be asked !! Publish your references up front
    - Be prepared, Save Time and Energy.
    - Tell consumers your references are on
    - Instant access for your potential customers.
    - How you might ask...See our Postcard and Keyword System below.

  • Collect and Publish Testimonials and Recommendations.
  • - Instills Confidence in Your Business.
    - Show the Breadth and Depth of your work or product line.
    - What could be better than a few words from satisfied customers

  • Use our Postcard and Keyword System.
  • - Stamp or write on our generic card.
    - Our printer can put your business name on the front and keyword in the double arrows.
    - Distribute on your counter top, mail or give with bids and proposals.
    - Your Unique special keyword sends the customer straight from
        our homepage to your profile.

    As our membership grow on the site...the intensity goes up...

  • Help Us Build a collaborative Email List.
  • - Ask customers to sign up for the email list.
    - It's not spam if people want the information or deals.
    - All the businesses benefit by consumers that are staying informed.
    - Contribute to the list and benefit from the power of belonging to a group.

  • Be Part of the Announcements on Our 'Social Media' Pages.
  • - Like us on Facebook so your friends can like us too.
    - We can tweet the goings on, when you land a big job.
    - In todays business world, social media spreads the word.
    - Build name recognition for your business through our announcements
  • Help Support Our Upcoming Projects.
  • - A mobil phone friendlier version of our website(s).
    - Our plans include tablet versions.

Help make the whole, more than the sum of its parts...Join Now

Membership in our program is as follows:

  • Advertisement Only - On
    A Profile page clearly marked as 'Advertisement Only'.
    This option was requested by businesses like financial advisors that are not allowed
    to show testimonials, but still want exposure only.
    Warning - Users will not be able to leave testimonials or recommend your business.
    One year in advance, Based on . . . . . . . . . . . . . ($15/month) . . . . . . . . . . . . . $180.00/year

  • Profile - - Full Package Includes:
    • Profile Page with Logo, Photo, Description, Address, Phone, Email, Website
    • User Recommendation / Testimonials Pages
    • Your Licenses Page
    • Your Insurance Page
    • Your References Page
    • Other Businesses You Endorse
    • E-mailing List Participation
    • Social Media Participation
    • Stack Of Customized Post Cards and more
    One year in advance, Based on . . . . . . . . . . . . ($25/month) . . . . . . . . . . . $300.00/year

  • Referral Rewards Program
    Earn free membership time. Refer another business and your membership
    will be extended by (3) months. Do that (3) times and you will earn a
    free year. Just have the refered business enter your phone number as
    Referer in the sign up form or Contact Us immediately there after.

  • Organization Rewards Program
    Have a business organization (Ex:Chamber of Commerce,
    Industy Group) with 10 or more members?
    Our rewards program might be right for your Organization . . . . . . . . . . . . . Contact Us

  • Multi-State Volume Discount Program
    If you do business in multiple states?
    We would be glad to quote you based on a volume discount . . . . . . . . . . . . .Contact Us

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